Keep Bugs Away with Avon Bug Guard!


I’ve Used Avon Bug Guard for a very long time, I love it! Its very effective Having 4 children to protect from bugs this is a life saver! I even use it on my dogs! its Deet free and safe for children 6mos and up!


Deet Free!! and Effective!

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Let me help you find whats best for you!!


get yours today at

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I started my Journey with Avon Late in February in 2014. I had ZERO intentions of making this my full time job, I just wanted to get my favorite products at a discount HAHA

I am in Honor Society seller $20k+ a Year, and Gold Ambassador

I have earned 2 fully paid Vacations from Avon Cancun Mexico in 2016 and Paradise Island Bahamas in 2017

I have also earned some free nights in Orlando, and Nashville, and some great household items & Appliances

I am a wife and Mother, I have many hobbies as well like Gardening, Crocheting,

My True Passion is Avon, and Owning my Own Avon Business, I love helping others grow and earn with Avon

Avon has truly changed my life, it has made my life flexible, something we all want when we have children, it gave me the ability to be HOME with my children as well, I was able to leave my full time employment after just 1 year! I have not looked back since

If you think Avon may be a good fit for you Why not join my Team Now!

Orders over $40 always ship free with Avon. Use code Welcome10 and save 10% off your order (1 time use)

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