Social Media Selling Tips

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Getting Social
Avon has always been about being social, and social media is a natural path for promoting and growing your Avon business.Social media is a fun, creative way to share your passions, connect and build relationships with hundreds, even thousands of friends, customers and potential customers all at once. There’s no better way to reach so many people, so fast!


Connect with Facebook
Facebook is the most popular site and a great place to start. Some Avon Representatives have up to 3,000 friends on their page. Share your interests and weave in your excitement about Avon, and you’ll grow your network nicely over time.


  • Use a profile picture that represents you.
  • Have fun with your cover photo. Show what you love and care about.
  • Post pictures and videos you love. Pets, fashion, travel, humor — showcase what you’re interested in to reflect who you are.
  • Post regularly – once or twice a week to start, moving up to 3-4x a week as you grow your network.
  • “Like” and comment your friend’s pages to keep up activity and exposure.
  • Get to know your connections and build relationships before selling. Be respectful, upbeat and friendly.
  • Share some of your Avon experiences — news about products you’ve discovered and the best things about being your own boss.
  • Make sure your page is both balanced and inviting. A good rule of thumb is 2-3 personal posts for every 1 Avon promotion. Your followers should get to know you as a person and a friend, as well as an Avon Representative.

Avon’s New Social Media Center
Get easy access to fun posts on products and promotions in the Social Media Center on and share on the go with our new app. Get beautiful, instant content on gorgeous new products and how-to videos your friends and family will love to see. Choose from beautiful new posts daily and share with a click to your social networks.
Download the Social Media Center app from iTunes or Google Play. Just search for Avon Social Media Center.

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