Love my Liners

I Grew up using Avon Glimmer Stick Eyeliner and I always loved how smooth they applied and the wearability. As an adult I’ve used many different eyeliners a lot of them i needed a lighter in my bathroom so they would apply smooth. I know we have all been their


These were my Favorite liners and still a major go to, for simple looks and for very neutral looks i like to wear,

I always had a bit of a fear of liquid and being too bold, i didn’t want people to notice me, maybe i used to be shy. I am definitely not now, I became an Avon representative in 2014 and it kinda opened me up, and i blossomed in my early 30s Hey we all have to find ourselves eventually. It made me more daring, I would say i never wanted people to look at me, I never wanted to draw any attention my way. I saw the Super Extend Liquid Eyeliner pen, I’d seen very similar things in a lot of beauty blogs and tutorials and decided to try Avon’s

It was almost love from 1st Line! it stays put all day even on my oily skin, I have to say its one of my best sellers and now we have more colors! I’ve been showing them off like crazy. One thing i would have never guessed about myself that i’d be walking around all day with eyeliner on my hands asking people to rub those lines, see they don’t budge. here is what they look like.


You get amazing Fine lines and great cat eyes & Wings, if i was only allowed to have 1 makeup item for the rest of my life (yeah rite) this would be a no brainier! they are very smudge proof, but not waterproof. washes off easy, we all know scrubbing your eyes in a nono!

Best yet Bold is Beautiful! I love how empowered and confident it makes me feel! I can honestly say Avon has done that for me. I wish i’d done this sooner.

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