Avon Slippers!

You ask any Avon Representative what about the slippers, you just started a 20 min conversation about slippers!  We LOVE these SLIPPERS! and for good reason too, they have great last ability, and they are comfortable and cute as heck! they have

Generations of families have grown up using our slippers!

Avon Slippers 2 for $20 Many patters and Styles to choose from!

Winter Soft Plush Memory foam slipper booty $24

Since were wrapping our feet in warmth and comfort may as well wrap our bodies in it too with Avon’s Pajamas!


Full Pajama sets at $29.99  Very Soft and comfortable!

Night Shirts at $19.99

4pack of tank tops $24.99  Pairs perfect with pajamas so you don’t always have to have them buttoned up!

Winter Soft 4pack of tee shirts $29.99

Winter Soft PJ Bottoms $16.99 each  You will not believe how soft these pants are!

Check out the whole Brochure, you never know what you will find!

Shop Current Avon Brochure

Use Code Welcome10 and save 10% off your order (1 time use)

Orders Over $40 Always ship Free!

Free shipping on $25 order use code RA2510


Orders over $40 always ship free with Avon. Use code Welcome10 and save 10% off your order (1 time use)

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