Is Selling Avon Worth It?


Is Selling Avon Worth it? My answer is a Definite YES! But your story is different, There are no limits on how much you can make. Just starting out can be hard work, but its definitely worth it! You are working for YOU and no one else! Joining Avon is Easy and only takes about 5 minuets to Join now to to

There are a lot of reasons women and a few good men choose Avon!

Avon offers YOU the opportunity to start your Very own business for as little as $25, With the New Kickstart program you can earn over $1000 in as little as 90 days! You choose when and where you work Its all up to YOU How YOU run your Avon Business, The Possibilities are endless, Imagine how Avon can change your life!

Earnings Charts

Earnings Chart

With Avon you Earn on your Very First dollar! Great News As well! With the Kick Start you Earn 40% for new Representatives just starting out!


Kick Start

You are Guaranteed 40% when you meet some easy to achieve goals! More good News! When you meet all of your goals you will have earned Over $1000!!!


Kickstart Goals

With Kits Starting at just $25 its time to invest in yourself and your future! We would love to have you on our team! Signing up takes just 5 minuets you can join now at

Check out the whole Brochure, you never know what you will find!

Shop Current Avon Brochure

Use Code Welcome10 and save 10% off your order (1 time use)

Orders Over $40 Always ship Free!

Free shipping on $25 order use code RA2511


Orders over $40 always ship free with Avon. Use code Welcome10 and save 10% off your order (1 time use)

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You can Join our amazing team for just $25, Earning with Avon is simple and easy

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How to Grow your Avon Business

Avon Selling Tips

Avon Online selling Tips

How to Join Avon

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