How to become an Avon Representative

Becoming An Avon Representative is Easy and Fast, It takes about 5 min to complete the online enrollment, to Enroll online simply go to

First thing you need to do is Choose your Kit! Kits start at $25 and usually arrive to your door within 3 business days! Avon is on the Ball getting you your Kits! they also come with a Great Rebate that Ends SOON! ENDS middle to end of November 2017


To Qualify for the Rebate you Have to have a $150 1st order and pay for it on time! That is it!

Now Once you make your own Avon Account you need to register your account at http://www.youravon,com, Usually rite after you sign up Avon directs you to set up your account, this is where you set your password ect. Please write down your account number and keep it in a safe place.

Next Steps while you wait for your kit

#1 Download Avon Social Media Center

download (2)

You can Link this to your social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and google+

It will not post unless you click each items and tell it to post, YOU are in complete control, Make a post or 2 a day to social media to let everyone know you are the Avon lady or man!!

#2 Go to Avon U and get well antiquated with the online training, this is hands down the best way to spend the few days while you wait for your kit!

#3 Check out the social selling Webinars! Learn all you can until this kit arrives, these webinars are amazing, 8 of them available at 1 hour each, brace yourself, don’t do it all in 1 day! take a few weeks and take notes!

Social Selling Webinars!


OH MY GOD HOW EXCITING! ITS FINALLY HERE!! Longest 3 days of your life! You will get some products and samples!

Don’t get overwhelmed! Start small, take a few books to work, start with friends, Family and Co Workers. We always start here while learning then branch out!

Lets get through these first few orders together! My name is Kim I am a Sales leader and a Rep just like you, I know a bit about this business and am eager to help you figure out how to maximize your business and earnings potential around your current life!

I Manage a team of Representative and trust me when i say we would love to have you on our team! We have a lot to offer, What are you waiting for? Join now

With Kits Starting at just $25 its time to invest in yourself and your future! We would love to have you on our team! Signing up takes just 5 minuets you can join now at

Check out the whole Brochure, you never know what you will find!

Shop Current Avon Brochure

Use Code Welcome10 and save 10% off your order (1 time use)

Orders Over $40 Always ship Free!

Free shipping on $25 order use code RA2511


Orders over $40 always ship free with Avon. Use code Welcome10 and save 10% off your order (1 time use)

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Join this amazing Avon Family

You can Join our amazing team for just $25, Earning with Avon is simple and easy

New representative information

How to Grow your Avon Business

Avon Selling Tips

Avon Online selling Tips

How to Join Avon

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