Why Sell Avon

Signing up to sell Avon is Easy and fast! In Fact it takes about 5 minutes to sign up and become an Avon Representative  Your Kit will typically arrive within 3 business days meanwhile you can do other things!

Register your Account online:

  • Go to youravon.com and click “register now”
  • Enter your account #, District #, and the last for # of your social security number
  • Verify your information and select yes to becoming an e representative. This will set up your web store where your friends and family can shop online. EXAMPLE youravon.com/kbixler




After you Log into www.youravon.com you should immediately go to the Avon U training tab

I recommend doing at least the 1st 4 Avon u courses listed for new representatives.


YOU CAN EARN 40%!!! BE SURE YOUR 1ST OR 2ND ORDER IS AT LEAST $150 or more before taxes and shipping to meet the kick start goals!

Representatives can earn 40% commission for the 1st 7 campaigns if you meet the required sales amount each campaign

Learn more about kickstart goals here

When sales goals are not met, earnings levels on all core products are below

0-149.99 –  20%

150-295 –  30%

295-499.99 – 35%

500+ – 40%

Placing your Orders:

Orders are Placed every 2 weeks, you are Given an Order Window, pick a day in that 2-week Window and I suggest sticking with that day each cycle for consistency, For Example: Avon Representative Cathy Submits her Order every other Friday, because that’s what works best for her and her customers. All of Cathy’s Customers know Cathy is going to place an order every other Friday and make sure to get orders to her by that day.

When you sign up, your automatically a member of the Avon Dream Team

We hold Weekly Webinars, as well as monthly meetings and training!

If your looking for something you can do from home around your work and family schedule Avon can be the perfect fit!


How to Back Order Avon Online

New representative information

How to Grow your Avon Business

Avon Selling Tips

Avon Online selling Tips

How to Join Avon

Join Avon Online

50 Ways to get new Avon Customers

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Shop my e-store any time http://kbixler.avonrepresentative.com

Join this amazing Avon Family http://kbixler.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start

Find me On  Social Media

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/KimbixlerIndAvonRep/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Twitter   https://twitter.com/Avon_by_KimB

Pinterest  https://www.pinterest.com/kbix82/

Instagram  http://instagram.com/kimsbeautyhaven

Youtube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMIS4xrwu7AnG7Ga_Mi4MkA


Would you like to Join our Dream Team?

Signing up takes just 5 min, go to www.startavon.com if asked for a refrence code use KBIXLER  Kits start at just $25



I am Kim, I’m 36 years old

I remember my love of Avon products really started when i was somewhere around 11 or 12, in the 6th grade, I would sneak into my mothers makeup case and put on her eye liner and go to school, I would also wash it off when i got home from school. My Mother sold Avon and we loved when her orders came and we could smell everything!

in 2011 i Moved to Indiana from Upstate NY, i left all my family and friends in NY. I found me a few Avon Reps here and there but customer service was very lax. I wouldn’t get new books, when i’d call them and ask for new brochures i was told they had quit! I went through 3 representatives this way Enough was enough! I knew from my mothers experience that people can make decent income with Avon.

In Late February of 2014 I went online and signed up to be an Avon representative, I figured i’d just sell Avon to my co workers and a few friends to get my eyeliners on a great discount. Turns out i really enjoy being an Avon Representative, I will never tell a customer i quit because i couldn’t make money, I will work hard to make sure my team never has to tell anyone that as well

I have earned 2 fully paid Vacations from Avon Cancun Mexico in 2016


Paradise Island Bahamas in 2017


I have also earned some free nights in Orlando, and Nashville, and some great household items & Appliances

I am a wife and Mother, I have many hobbies as well like Gardening, Crocheting,

My True Passion is Avon, and Owning my Own Avon Business, I love helping others grow and earn with Avon

Avon has truly changed my life, it has made my life flexible, something we all want when we have children, it gave me the ability to be HOME with my children as well, I was able to leave my full time employment after just 1 year! I have not looked back since

If you think Avon may be a good fit for you Why not join my Team Now!

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