How to Grow your Avon Business


Face to Face

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Typically face to to face sales are people that call and place orders with you and you deliver the order to them,


Earning Online 

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Typically You get online customers from Social Media, blogging, ect  this will be in another post!!


At first you can start with friends, family, co workers and neighbors basically people you already know and see on a regular or semi regular basis. This is called your Warm Customer base. Some people are perfectly content selling to just their warm customer base and that is perfectly fine. Avon is about your needs

Eventually you will want to make a little more money, this is when you go out and build your Customer base.  You can do this in many ways. For example Business to business, Canvassing/Tossing and Community Events!

Business to Business building

Business to business is a great way to build your Avon Business. How its done is you go into businesses such as Beauty Salons, Office Building, Gas Stations Literally ANYWHERE. Talk to the staff, manager and ask if you can leave brochures for the staff and customers, I try to make sure i keep taking those places brochures on a regular basis.


Some call it Canvassing and some in the Avon world use the term Tossing. 3 ways you can do this. for this i recommend using clear literature bags item number 058-433, you get 50 bags for $.80

1st way you can Canvass is, Hang them on people front door old school style, or knock door to door. Now this will get you face to face but can also get you online orders if you label the books with e-store info,

Now While Mailboxes are completely off limits you can Place brochures  in News Paper Boxes, this works especially well for those who live in a rural area, and new housing additions tend to have mail boxes with built in paper boxes. I bag those books as well

Another method of Canvassing/Tossing is Actually Tossing.. Bag them up and toss them in the end of driveways like the Sunday paper, it is actually a lot of fun to take kids or husbands with you, I have gotten many customers this way, However it is frowned upon by many because it can be considered littering, and rain & snow play a factor here.

All three of these methods work well for gaining customers, if i had to pick witch one i think gets you better results its hands down hanging on the doors, 2nd is paper boxes, 3rd is driveway tossing.

All three of these methods can really boost your business quickly depending how often and how many brochures you put out at a time, Remember NEVER throw Away old brochures! you can use them for all of the Above!!!!!


I love doing community events! My Town does a Nights On Broadway event in the down town area once a month, I Absolutely LOVE doing these little events they cost a little bit of money around $20-$50 depending, Also church bazaars, craft fairs, ect. its always great to get out in the community, you don’t need to have a ton of product on hand, but make sure you have some brochures!  I am not saying go out and spend $300-$500 on the county fair with over $1000 worth of product on hand. but small community events, talk to people get your face out their!

Please be Consistent, Follow up with existing customers. that is key, Persistence and Consistency


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