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KickStart Program:
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the KickStart Program?
A: The KickStart program is part of the overall new onboarding experience, designed to help new
Representatives get a taste for success from their first Avon order and beyond. It rewards new
Representatives for both sales and recruiting success in their first 7 campaigns. New Representatives
can earn free brochures covering their KickStart selling timeframe when they place orders of $50 or
more on in LOA 1-5. Lastly, New Representative can earn a $200 performance bonus
when they achieve the KickStart sales targets and bring in a minimum of three (3) Qualified Recruits
within the incentive timeframe.
Q: How does the program work?
A: The program consists of three components: there is a Sales Component, a Recruiting component
and a KickStart Bonus component.
1. Sales Component
a. New Representatives placing a will earn 40% on all product sales (direct delivery, fixedearnings
items and beauty) when they achieve sales at the following thresholds charted
LOA Sales Goal Earnings
1 Any size 40%
2 $150 40%
3 $200 40%
4 $250 40%
5 $300 40%
6 $350 40%
7 $400 40%
b. In addition, to help new Representatives “KickStart” their business, Avon will supply new
Representatives with one pack (10) of free brochures with a order of $50 or
more in LOAs 1-5. This means, when Representatives take advantage of the free brochures
offer – these brochures added to those included in the Starter kit – represents free
brochures covering their entire first 7 campaigns (KickStart period) of selling!
2. Recruiting Component
In addition to this sales component, new Representatives qualify for a $50 recruiting bonus for
every Qualified KickStart Recruit (QKR) referred during their first 7 campaigns with Avon. A
QKR is defined as having a $150 or more on time paid 1st order or 2nd order.
3. KickStart Performance Bonus
October 2017
When new Representatives achieve all the sales targets and recruit a minimum of three (3)
qualified Representatives within their first 7 campaigns, they will receive an additional $200
performance bonus. Achieving all three components results in new Representatives earning
$1000 or more in their first 90 days.
Q: How do new Representatives qualify for the free pack of 10 brochures during KickStart?
A: Representatives must place a order of $50 or more in LOAs 1-5
Q: How do New Representatives receive the free brochures during KickStart?
A: Representatives will receive the free brochures directly in their qualifying orders.
Q: What happens if a Representative misses a sales target – are they out of the Kick Start Program?
A: No not at all. Each campaign stands alone meaning a Representative can earn the 40% earnings
and/or the pack of free brochures in any individual campaign even if she missed a previous order’s
sales target for these rewards.
Q: Do online store orders, Sales Center and Representative Delivery ( orders count towards the campaign sales qualifier for this program?
A: Yes. Online Orders, Direct Delivery orders, Sales Center orders in addition to Representative
Delivered orders ( all count each campaign towards the 40% sales goals for this
program. However, only orders count toward the $50 orders for the free pack of
Q: Are Bonus Dollars included in calculating the sales qualifier for this Program?
A: No. Bonus Dollars like Double / Triple Dollar are not included in calculating the sales targets in this
Q: I understand a new Representative will not earn 40% if a sales target is missed – but what will theyearn on those sales?
A: If the sales goal is NOT achieved in any KickStart campaign, the Representative will earn based on
the chart below:
Order Size
Earnings on
Beauty & Jewelry
Earnings on Fashion &
Home fixed (◊)
$0-$149.99 20% 20%
$150-$299.99 30% 20%
$300-$399.99 35% 20%
Q. Do the orders have to be placed on time?
A: Yes, orders must be submitted on time as defined in the Avon Independent Sales Representative Policies & Procedures located on the Community Tab on
October 2017
Q: What happens if a Representative doesn’t submit her brochure order but gets an online store order before her contracted started campaign?
A: Any “early orders” are collected to be combined to post in the new Representatives expected
campaign of first order. However, if the new Representatives does not place an order on in the expected campaign of first order (expected campaign of first order is the
campaign indicated on her Representative agreement) any online orders and/or any Avon Sales
Center purchases that fall within the timeframe will be combined and processed as the
Representative’s first order at 40%.
Q: What is the Campaign of expected first order?
A: The campaign of expected first order is the campaign a new Representative is assigned to place
their first order, based on the day they enroll online. The campaign of expected first order assignment
is based on criteria that allows enough time for a new Representative to sell their first campaign. The
counter begins the day the kit is expected to arrive (we have built in a 5 day delivery window), from
which point we ensure at least 14 days for the New Representative to sell.
Q: How can I determine what Campaign my new Recruit is assigned to?
A: To help you to understand the calculation, we’ve created a new tool for Mentors called the
“Onboarding Calendar for Mentors” which will help you identify the campaign your new recruit will
be assigned, based on the date of their online enrollment on or
Leaders can find the calendar on under Mentor Tools.
Q: Do the orders have to be paid for on time?
A: Yes. For recruiting bonuses to qualify, the new Representative’s account must be in good standing.
Q. Do reinstatements count as New Representatives?
A: No, Reinstatements do not count. For more information on what is defined as a reinstatement,
refer to the Business Policies and Procedures for Avon Independent Sales Representatives which canbe found on
Q: When will the New Representative receive her Recruiting bonus Pay-out?
A. The $50 recruiting bonus will be sent by direct deposit at the campaign close when the recruit’s 1st
order has been paid on time. If the Representative chooses not to enroll in direct deposit, recruiting
bonuses will be administered via a pre-paid Visa/MasterCard. Be advised it may take up to 30 days for the card to be issued. Once issued, subsequent recruiting or performance bonuses will be added at the end of each campaign
Q: When will the New Representatives receive the $200 KickStart Performance bonus?
A: The Performance Bonus Payout will be issued after the close of the 7th campaign if the sales levels
and minimum recruiting criteria have already been met within the 7 campaign timeframe. If the KickStart participant has a pending new recruit(s) within the 30-day window to submit the first order, then performance bonus payout will be pending until the new recruit becomes a QKR or reaches the end of the 30-day incentive order submission window
Q: Do Representative accounts need to be in good standing to receive the rewards?
A: Yes. As per Avon policy Representative must be active and in good standing to receive anyrewards.
Q: Will I be able to find reports to track my new Representative’ progress in KickStart?
A: Tracking is available on VIBE for Sales Leaders.