Whats your Scent Sign?

From Fresh to Spicy, your signature scent is written in the stars! Find your perfect fragrance according to your Zodiac.




Aries are Driven and Independent! Aries are Brilliant in Rare & Radiant scents.

Rare Gold Regular $23  Get any 2 for $25


Taurus is Strong and Steadfast, Taurus takes charge with Bold & Refined scents.

Imari Seduction & Imari Elixer Reg $23 each  Get now for $12.99


Gemini are Lively & Dynamic, Gamini Captivates in Sparking & Spirited scents.

Rare Amethyst Reg $23, Get now 2 for $25


Cancer are Traditional and Timeless, They embrace Classic Floral & Romantic Scents.

Rare Pearls Reg $23  get now 2 for $25


Leo are Noble & Majestic, They Bask in Rich & Luxurious Scents.

Far Away Gold Reg $23  Get now for $12.99


Virgo are Diligent & Modest, they are Poetry in Delicate & Serene florals.

Haiku Koyoto Flower (BEST SELLER) Reg $23  Get it now for $12.99


Libra are Balanced & Calm, They are in perfect harmony with Fresh & Blissful scents.

Haiku Reg $23 Get yours now for $12.99


Scorpio are Mysterious & Intense, they are stunning with Spicy & Addictive scents.

Imari  Reg $23  Get now for $12.99


Sagittarius are Spontaneous & Optimistic, they are on point with Luminous floral infusions.

Far Away Infinity Reg $23, Get now for $12.99


Capricorn are Ambitious & Elegant, they shine in Posh & Polished Scents.

Rare Diamonds Reg $23, or 2 for $25


Aquarius is Zen & Reflective, Aquarius flows best with Fresh & Aquatic Scents.

Haiku Reflection Reg $23, Get now for $12.99

#PISCES  (That’s me!!!)

Pisces are Imaginative & Other Worldly, Pisces works Swimmingly with Exotic & Dreamy scents. For me being a Pisces this is dead on, I’ve always been pulled to this scent!

Far Away Reg $23, Get it now for $12.99


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